Jasperien's way

Getting married your way

Getting married is something very personal. Out of all people in the world, you choose that one person to share the rest of your life with. The two of you are unique and you want to celebrate your love the same unique way. 

Choices, choices
Once you decide to get married, there are so many choices to make. The internet is a big playground full of information with which you can colour the day your way. Everything in red or blue? No problem, from Amsterdam to Zaamslag, anything is possible!

My way

You can find wedding officiants in all colours and sizes. I will not give you my size, but I will tell you what kind of speaker I am. First and foremost I am passionate about weddings! My work is my hobby, a beautiful wedding ceremony makes me very happy each time. 

You are my focal point during our path leading up to the ceremony. Together we take on the journey to your wedding day. And for that, I would like to know all about your life, your love and your loved ones. We talk about day to day things, but also take roads less travelled. I search for different points of view by talking to friends or family. It allows me to get real close. I bring all this together connecting words, feelings and people in my speech.  
My style? Enthusiastic, warm, connecting and stylish. Would you like others to participate during the ceremony? Of course! Would you like to say something yourself? Even better. Interaction gives the ceremony always that extra bit of depth and atmosphere. 
And I connect with your international guests in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Catalan. And not forgetting, in Dutch, Zeeuws or Flemish. 

Your ceremony...your call.


This is how we would like our ceremony to be!

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